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With Real Pleasure To All Generations!

35 Years of Taste Adventure

Our operation started its business life with the understanding of quality service in Ankara, the capital of taste, and started its journey in 1984 under the name Şeherli Ticaret. Şeherli Ticaret has completed its branding process with the name of MND Gıda and took its place in the sector with its young, dynamic and innovative point of view while preserving traditional values and complying with the requirements of the age.
Our primary goal is to compete in the world market with Lokman, Arınur, and Paşabey brands under the MND Gıda roof and maintain this power with the trust and appreciation of our consumers. With the principle "don’t produce anything that you will not feed your child with", which we adopted while achieving this goal, the importance we attach to hygiene conditions and human health in the production and distribution stages sheds light on us. One of our important duties is to ensure conscious consumption while bringing together the flavors we get from their habitat with our consumers through our Lokman brand, famous for its breakfast products.

Famous for its




Daily Produced Products

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Satisfied Customers

Quality Production for Healthy Generations

While producing delicious and, at the same time, healthy breakfast dishes, we try to provide a comprehensive product range, thus aiming to appeal to everyone's taste. We produce our products in our 30,000 m2 production area, in 12 independent production stations, and we offer you 2,000,000 products a day with the assurance of the Lokman name. We provide continuous service with our 16 engineers, 50 administrative staff, and a production team of over 400 people at the center; we distribute the products we produce with our 20 regional managers and dozens of dealers throughout Turkey with a quality service approach. At our stations, which have their own R&D and Control units, we color the most important meal of the day with our favorite flavors such as jam, honey, tahini, molasses, and cheese. We export our breakfast and picnic products to 32 countries, and we continue to spread our traditional flavors in the foreign market.

Leadership is the Product of Innovation

Business development and innovation in production and distribution is our basic philosophy. We break new ground in our products and provide a continuous working environment and continuity for new products. We carry our brand to the leading position by being a trendsetter with our products and by adopting contemporary techniques in our production lines.
Every year, we add new ones to 350 kinds of products with R&D studies and bring the consumers together with taste with our "Original Products". Lokman Portion Olives, Picnic Bitter Hazelnut Cream, and Light Jam are just a few new products that color our product range. Halva, produced with the halva cooling tunnel, one of our latest projects, also cools without waiting and is cut and packaged untouched by hand.

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