Our History


Our History

Lokman’s Famous Initiation Story

Our enterprise which initiated its commercial life in Ankara, the capital of delight, with quality service has started its journey in 1984 under the name Şeherli Ticaret. Şeherli Ticaret has completed his process of branding with the name MND Gıda and attained a place in the industry thanks to its modern, young, dynamic and innovative approach which also maintains traditional values.

Our biggest aim as Lokman, Arınur and Paşabey brands under the roof of MND Gıda is to be powerful enough to compete in the world market and to maintain this power with the trust and admiration we have from our consumers. While achieving this aim, the importance attach to the health conditions during production and distribution process and human health with the approach of “do not produce something you do not want your child to eat” enlightens our way. With our Famous Lokman brand, known for its breakfast, we bring the flavours we take from their traditional areas together with the consumer while providing conscious consumption.

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