Chairman of the Board


Chairman of the Board

The Chairman Has a Message For You

30-year production journey of MDN Gida brand goes back to two generations before us. My grandfather used to sell traditional natural products such as jam, cottage cheese and butter in Kayseri. In our family, I was the only one who was interested in the profession of my grandfather and chose it.

Although my grandfather had a great influence for me to choose the food industry, the main reason is my belief that food must be produced according to the rules. I thought I was qualified enough to perform this job; and I have decided to enter the food industry that is open to continuation and development in order to create a long term brand which may reach my kids and even their kids.

Although I am honoured to talk about an enterprise which started its journey with a few kinds of traditional breakfast product and produces 350 kinds of product now, thus “converting the efforts of hundreds of people to bread”, all of these reminds me to remember a few more things.

“We have achieved so many things and we have so many things to achieve…” With the belief we have towards our country, to innovation, to renewing ourselves by maintaining our values, we have managed to be better and better each day. We have followed the current era but never left our traditional values.

“The respect we have for people and our job made us a respected brand.”

We think that reaching a healthy future is based on health nutrition of our children and therefore we have adapted the principle “do not produce something you do not want your child to eat”. Remembering that breakfast is the most important one among main meals, it can be seen again that we do a highly important work. MDN Gıda proceeds and grows knowing the importance of all of these and contemplates how it can serve this country more.

“We know that there are other precious enterprises that think serving the county is above anything, and we are happy to share this thought…”

Mehmet Şeherli